Breast Health Center

Williamson Medical Center's Breast Health Center in Franklin, Tenn., provides a patient-focused, comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Education and support also are provided for those with benign conditions such as fibrocystic breast disease, unexplained breast pain and breast discharge. The center's staff, led by a certified Breast Health Navigator, also provides education regarding mammograms and breast self-exams.

Breast Cancer
Knowing factors that contribute to your risk for breast cancer and practicing good breast health can help you recognize and react to breast cancer's earliest warning signs. Regular exams, screening tests and awareness enable early detection of breast cancer-when it's most treatable.

Certified Breast Health Navigator
At the core of Williamson Medical Center's Breast Health Center is a certified Breast Health Navigator, who guides patients through their individual experiences. Some patients may be inquiring about benign breast conditions, but for others that journey may include a diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

With the navigator at the helm, the Breast Health Center's comprehensive care also draws on expertise from multiple specialties-physicians, nurses and staff from Radiology, General Surgery, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pastoral Care, Occupational and Physical therapies, and Plastic Surgery.

The Breast Health Navigator guides patients through interaction with each specialty and provides follow-up. In addition, patients are provided with education regarding diagnosis, treatment options and what to anticipate with each phase of testing and treatment. The navigator gives each patient and her support system the tools to intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically face breast disease.

With WMC's Breast Health Navigator, patients have an advocate, educator and partner at any stage in the breast health experience, and support and guidance continue for as long as needed.

Breast Cancer Support
Williamson Medical Center offers more than clinical expertise for those diagnosed with breast cancer. The Journey Oncology Series offers the information, resources and support you need to be empowered and equipped to conquer cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Beginning the Journey is a session provides newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with individualized guidance and support through a variety of topics, from understanding diagnosis and treatment options to helpful tips and community resources.
  • Friends for the Journey is a support group that provides a community of breast cancer survivors with the opportunity to interact, share and learn with one another during a six-week session.

  • Look Good Feel Better is a free American Cancer Society program where trained cosmetologists help women learn to cope with skin changes and hair loss. Free cosmetic kits and beauty techniques are provided, and the program is open to all female cancer patients.

For more information about the Breast Health Center at Williamson Medical Center or to register for one of the above programs, call 615.435.6733.

To schedule a mammogram, call 615.435.5022. 

Braest Health Center