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Is joint or back pain keeping you from the activities you love?
The Joint and Spine Center at Williamson Medical Center is a unique, focused facility for treatment and rehabilitation of patients who undergo joint replacement or spine surgery. An interdisciplinary team of health care providers work together to provide quality care and help ease your pain. The first of its kind in Middle Tennessee, the Joint and Spine Center is designed to bring joint replacement and spine surgery patients together. This self-contained unit on the fourth floor of Williamson Medical Center offers an experience that promotes the healing process.

Orthopaedic Surgeons
The hope is that you never suffer an injury or need surgery, but if you do, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Williamson Medical Center's board-certified, orthopaedic surgeons are among Middle Tennessee's best, recognized for both skill and expertise. They provide specialized, individualized care because each patient is unique.

General Information
Patients undergoing total joint replacement or spine surgery are admitted to a private room. Patients are placed on clinical pathways, and each day patient care follows a specific agenda that advances toward successful recovery. Through both individual and interactive group therapy, patients recover together during the week.

Joint Replacements
Joint pain has several causes, but often degenerating conditions such as arthritis facilitate the need for joint replacement. Whether you experience pain in your hip, knee, shoulder or elbow, the Joint and Spine Center has the latest technology to treat your condition and restore functionality. Patients from several states and even other countries seek joint replacement surgery at Williamson Medical Center because of our physicians and unique approach to treatment. Generally, patients are more active after joint replacement and regain the ability to participate in certain sports and activities previously limited by pain.

Spine Surgery
Most back pain follows injury or trauma to the back, but pain also may be caused by degenerative conditions such as arthritis or disc disease, osteoporosis or other bone diseases. Medications often are used to treat acute and chronic back pain, but surgery eventually may be needed to alleviate pain. Williamson Medical Center's spine surgeons are experienced in treating all spine issues. While they are orthopaedic surgeons, they have additional training in spine surgery. The most common surgeries performed include discectomy—a common way to remove pressure on a nerve from a bulging disc or bone spur; laminectomy—removal of the lamina to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots; and spinal fusion—fusing adjacent vertebrae after a spinal disc is removed.

Does pain keep you from enjoying life?
Assessing how pain affects your quality of life is the most critical factor in determining the necessity for joint replacement or spine surgery.

Factors to consider

  • The extent of the pain
  • The degree to which function is lost
  • The effects your pain has on relationships with your spouse and/or children
  • Your avoidance of activities, such as sitting at home instead of going to the mall or on trips
  • Feelings of being old before your time
  • Medications needed in addition to anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief

At the Joint and Spine Center, our ultimate goal is to use a multidisciplinary, family-oriented approach to enhance each patient's physical, mental and emotional wellness and abilities. During the hospitalization and rehabilitative process, we endeavor to facilitate a smooth return to home and community life. While having spine or joint replacement surgery may seem daunting, Williamson Medical Center's physicians and staff are by your side providing quality care every step of the way-from the decision to have surgery through your recovery process.

To learn more about our orthopaedic surgeons, click here to view our online physician directory or call our physician referral and information line at 615.791.CARE.


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